Learning & Programs

Holly Tree seeks to mentor and prepare children, not only academically but spiritually.  Providing a foundation of faith, Holly Tree utilizes a nationally recognized, award winning curriculum as its cornerstone.  Teachers then expand upon this curriculum with weekly Bible themes and verses, unique activities, games, and projects designed to spiritually enhance your child’s educational experience. Our program is designed to prepare children for a lifetime of learning through a loving, Christian environment.

Christian Curriculum

The Holly Tree Christian Enrichment Program is designed to give children a wealth of hands-on learning experiences in addition to their daily academic curriculum.  At no additional cost to you, enrichment classes are specifically designed each month to complement our academic curriculum.

We know that you and your children will enjoy this unique spiritual program provided exclusively to Holly Tree Christian Preschool at no additional cost to your family.

Details of our Christian Enrichment Program are listed below:

  • Weekly Chapel:
    Holly Tree children gather together in fellowship for worship that includes age appropriate Bible lessons, songs, puppet play, interactive learning, and prayer lead by our children’s minister.
  • JAM Weekly Christian Enrichment Class:
    During JAM (Jesus and Me!), we provide an in-depth Bible lesson and related activity, including crafts, songs, and prayer in a smaller group setting. To continue the learning through faith at home, families receive a monthly curriculum chart, weekly recap emails, and a monthly newsletter about the Christian Enrichment Program.

Holly Tree Pre-K:  Lambs to Leaders

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.”  Proverbs 22:6

As Christ is considered the “the Great Shepherd”, Holly Tree follows this example through our program Lambs to Leaders (L2L). Our teachers start by being examples in faith while guiding children onto a lifelong path towards becoming leaders with strong spiritual foundations. Academically, Holly Tree is recognized by the community for our kindergarten specific programs. These programs include hands-on explorations that create new learning connections in language, math, science, social, emotional, and physical development. Daily plans cover a specific range of guidelines that prepare our children to meet and exceed kindergarten readiness standards for both public and private schools.

Kindergarten Boot Camp

Kindergarten Boot Camp, offered exclusively by Never Grow Up, Inc. is a dedicated summer program that teaches important, yet often overlooked, skills needed to navigate kindergarten with confidence.

Skills such as remembering a lunch number, carrying a lunch tray, or returning a library book are examples of how we “train” our Holly Tree kids to “be all they can be”!

Seasonal Programs

Holly Tree is not just for kids…it’s for your WHOLE family. Our fun, seasonal programs such as “Fall is for Your Family”, “Fitness Fanatics”, and “Green Our Scene” keep our families connected to each other and to the community. Click here to visit our Facebook Page and stay up to date on what’s happening at Holly Tree now!